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3 Best Wedding Movies


This film is not your average romantic comedy with lots of soppiness (well it is, but only a little), but it is mostly made up of some seriously side splitting comedy. The best character by far being Megan who is a slightly larger lady with a sizeable libido, spending the entire film stealing and and flirting with slim younger men. If you haven’t seen it yet then I urge you to go do so as this is one of the funniest wedding films you will ever see. It may even remind you of a wedding you’ve been to yourself!

I Give It A Year

Yet another romantic comedy with a twist, you start with a marriage and end in divorce (don’t worry there is still a happy ending!). It’s set in good old Blighty, London to be exact, and a couple get married after only knowing each other for a few months. It is clear they are both very different people and throughout the film they slowly fall in love with other people. Sounds depressing but the comedy is so good it makes light of it all and the film ends on a high note when they both get the people they wanted. It is a fantastic film with an all star cast, what more could you want?

The Wedding Planner

In comparison to the other two films, this one is a little mushier. Jennifer Lopez (Mary) is a busy wedding planner who finds herself caught in the road, but wanting to save her expensive shoes she almost gets run over. Thankfully she is saved by the gorgeous Matthew McConaughey (Steve) who is a children’s doctor. They spend a wonderful evening together, but the next day when she turns up to plan a new wedding she is shocked to find that the person getting married is Steve! They spend the rest of the film winding each other up but eventually (as all love films do) they get together. Aww.

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