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Most Expensive Celebrity Weddings

Kate Middleton and Prince William

Obviously with them being royalty you would expect a wedding like this to be fairly expensive, well try over £22 million. That’s right! The tax payers money went towards police protection throughout the entire event which was in its millions. The most expensive part of the wedding? The dress? No. The venue? No. Flowers. You heard me correctly, over £500,000 on flowers alone! Most people could argue that these 2 fine royals don’t count as celebrities, but seems as they are known worldwide and are in every magazine you see I think we can definitely count them in.

Liza Minnelli and David Gest

Possibly one of the most famous weddings in celebrity history. Costing a whopping $4.2 million this wedding was one of the most expensive non royal weddings in history. Over 1000 star studded people were invited to the event (including the likes of Michael Jackson, Anthony Hopkins and Diana Ross), but it was all in vain as the couple separated only a year later. It was even rumored that Gest managed to get around $60 million out of their divorce, $55.8 more than the wedding itself!

Paul McCartney and Heather Mills

Remember these two? I think we can all remember how tedious their marriage was. Also costing $4.2 million their wedding was the most expensive British celebrity wedding. They rented out a castle to be their wedding venue of choice and they even treated their guests to a luxurious yacht ride after the initial ceremony. All manner of A listers attended the former Beatles singer’s special day, but their marriage came to an abrupt and rather venomous end in 2008, starting a lengthy court case over money. Who said romance was dead?

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