Ugliest Wedding Dresses

On your perfect day you want everything to go according to plan. Maybe you ordered a dress online and are getting it just before the wedding or you are being given one by a family member as it has been passed down for generations. The last thing you want however is for it to be the most hideous, awful and down right disgusting thing you have ever seen in your entire life. Well some poor women have to wear these crimes against nature (although in some cases these nutters wear them willingly and actually talk quite highly of them) so here is a select few to get you gasping and curling your toes.

To be fair if I had a rack like that I’d want to be showing it off, maybe not quite like this mind..

Less a dress, more a statement.

I suppose it’s not too bad… if you are a 5 year old obsessed with Disney that is.

As much as I know these aren’t being worn for a wedding, they’re still being worn in this photo which means it is still a crime.

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