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Why You Should Honeymoon In Switzerland

Switzerland is one of the smallest countries in Europe, but do not let this fool you as this country is completely jam packed with exquisite culture and gets scorching hot summers and delightfully chilly winters. It borders Germany, France, Italy and Austria so what language you need to speak can totally vary depending on which part of the country you are visiting. Despite having 4 main languages other than its own the people here are surprisingly fluent in the English language, some of them more well spoken than our own people.


There is so much you can do in Switzerland and it is certainly a very romantic place to be, Lausanne in particular as it is closest to France and Italy, countries that are well known for their romantic qualities. Whether you want a honeymoon with adventure or just a quiet little tour you can get everything you could ever want here. Although you simply must try the wine, chocolate and cheese fondue’s as they are mind blowingly delicious!

For those who are after a little adventure why not visit one of Europes biggest water parks?

Alpamare is situated to the north of Switzerland near Zurich, the countries most popular tourist destination. It has an array of different pools and waterslides and doesn’t cost all too much. You can enjoy the outdoor pool where they play music under the water for ultimate relaxation or you can go full pelt down its scariest flumes (one of which is entirely in the dark!).

If you fancy something a little less adventurous and more like a walking holiday then Switzerland is the perfect place as it has many rivers running through and around it. Not only this but the sights you see are just incredible, if you’re not looking at dazzling snow topped mountains then you are looking at luscious green grasses with hoards of local cows dotted around. Everyone here is super friendly and is out to help anyone and everyone they can so the atmosphere is always great and the nights out are full of joy and wonder.

This is also the best place to go for romantic meals as in Switzerland a lot of meals or courses are shared, such as cheese fondues and tear and share stone baked pizzas. All of the food here is locally sourced and is full of flavour and vitality, it simply cannot be beaten. There are also several old and beautiful buildings you can gaze upon whilst holding the hand of your new husband/wife.

The exchange rate does mean that this is by no means a cheap holiday, but I can honestly say that it is certainly worth the money and more so. It is a stunning country with wonderful people, sensational food and wondrous views, what more could you want from a honeymoon?