Wedding Rings: It’s Not All About Diamonds

Diamonds are not always a girls best friend, some of us ladies actually prefer different jewels for our wedding rings, less expensive ones at that. It is totally up to you what jewel you use in your ring, the less expensive the jewel the easier it will be to replace it should it fall out of the ring in the future. You can get jewels in several colours, a lot of brides tend to choose their birthstone if they are not going for a diamond as is has some meaning behind it. Others may choose a favourite colour for a jewel, or you can mix small diamonds with other jewels to get the best of both worlds. The possibilities are endless, but what are the more popular choices for brides?

topaz ring

Ruby – This can come in pinks or reds and is a mineral crystal. It is also the 3rd hardest stone on the planet, which makes it hard to scratch and is very hard wearing. It is also the birthstone for those born in the month of July and it is thought that the stone can save you from anxiety.

Sapphire – Thee can come in several colours but it is most common to see them as a stunning blue. It is used as a birthstone for those born in September and could save you from “diseases of the mind”. They too are also very strong and are used in some wristwatches and scientific equipment.

Amethyst – Purple in colour these stones are very attractive and very cheap and easy to get hold of. It is a variety of quartz and in ancient Greek mythology it is thought that wearers of the stone would be protected from drunkenness. The birthstone of those born in the month of February, amethyst is said to represent people who are more carefree.

Emerald – Known to be green or colourless, emeralds are not the hardest of stones but they are easy to find and buy and are extraordinarily pretty. It too is a birthstone to those born in the month of May and is said to give the wearer a long and happy marriage if worn every day.  You can keep the stone clean and clear by using a really good cedar oil.

Topaz – This stone can be found in several colours, from yellows to blues, greens and pinks. It is the birthstone of those born in November and the wearer is said to represent friendship and love. It is a gorgeous crystal that would be a great addition or centrepiece to any wedding ring.

Pearl – An organic gemstone, Pearls have historically be worn by the more sophisticated and higher class ladies due to them being a fairly expensive gem. They go superbly alongside diamonds but also stand alone very well. It is common to see them as white but they actually come in several colours, just like sea shells.

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