Indian Wedding Accessories For Asian Brides

When I say accessories I of course mean everything that isn’t the dress itself, from jewellery to shoes and sarees. Indian weddings traditionally include lots of friends and family, an abundance of traditions but above all a blushing bride wearing a stunning outfit. No matter what part of the world you are in the bride is the be all and end all of the ceremony, the centrepiece if you like. So what can you pick to go with your dress? What is going to help make you look even more stunning?

Here are a few choice selections of accessories you should consider:

indian wedding accessories


You can buy an Indian wedding saree in the style of an actual wrap around dress, but accessory-wise you can have a separate saree to either wear around the neck, over the shoulders or over the head. They come in any fabric or colour that you wish and can be decorated in unique patterns just for you. They are a traditional piece is bridal wear, so it really does complete the overall look. You can find great sarees here:


As you may have seen, Indian wedding attire for the bride does tend to include a lot of jewellery, more specifically gold. This is also a tradition that goes back hundreds of years, back when the gold showed wealth among Indian families. For a full on look you can have bangles, necklaces, long earrings and even a stunning nose ring. Most people shy away from facial jewellery, but it is actually quite gorgeous and a big compliment to the groom.


You could just wear any old shoe, but most Asian weddings will see the bride wearing some kind of sandal or open shoe if any shoe at all. This is mainly due to the bride, especially in India, having mehndi over her feet which she will want to show. Pretty sandals with small jewels or patterns are great for any Asian wedding and are extremely cost effective.

Make Up & Mehndi

You don’t have to wear either of these, but they just help to polish off the look you may be going for. Smokey eyes and bright red lips look amazing on any budding bride, you could also throw in some colour in the form of eye shadow that matches or compliments your outfit. Mehndi is a traditional henna design on the skin that is applied to the bride weeks before the wedding. It’s effectively a non-permanent tattoo and they are amazingly intricate, fantastic to do if you have the time.


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