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Battle Of The Bulge: Are We Winning?

For years now we’ve been trying to get the world to eat better and go out and about. There are been hundreds of surveys, tests and experiments geared towards finding a suitable solution to the problem. The biggest problem, however, is us. It has been made much easier to be lazy in the world of today, making it a lot harder to fight certain urges. Here we discuss the main issues surrounding this mammoth challenge, and what we can do to make it right.

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Fast food is probably the biggest enemy of most people trying to fight fat. There is a whole host of companies dotted down every high street, each trying to grab your attention, and your cash. The biggest offenders, surprisingly, are people with high metabolisms. Because they don’t gain much weight they feel like they can treat themselves more. What they don’t know is that they are sending themselves to an early grave. Similarly, cars are also to blame here. More and more people are learning to drive and use their car as an excuse not to walk. There are some people out there who would rather drive for one minute than walk for five. Suggestions? You shouldn’t really have any, but if you are going to have any fast food you should limit yourself to one every two weeks. Also, if you don’t NEED your car to get somewhere, and you have the time to do so, just walk it.


When you go to the shop and find whole meals for mere pence you may think you’ve found a bargain. Do remember though that there is a reason for its low price tag. Not all of these products will kill you in the long run, but you do need to check the labels to make sure you’re not taking on too much calories, sugar or fat. Many people can’t afford to buy fresh ingredients and simply opt for something ‘easy’. Fresh foods do cost a little bit more, but they are so much better for your body as they are packed full of all the right vitamins and minerals. One solution to this pickle of a problem is to compare products, and not just for their price. You should be prepared to pay a little extra if it’s going to be better for you, and where possible you should check your calorie count. Also, you don’t need a gym membership to keep fit. Simply do some basic exercises at home every other day or take up a sport like jogging or cycling.

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Your Inner Will

Many people used to want to keep fit and healthy, but lately it is seen as more of a chore than a choice. To add to that, if you are ‘comfortable in your skin’ you may not think to care about your weight. No one has a gun to your head, and no one can do it for you, it’s all up to your will power. Not only does being in the green benefit you, but it can benefit those around you. They may even be able to join you in your quest for a better body. Plus, you will be less likely to develop certain ailments. Being big doesn’t help anyone, especially you. You don’t want to be one of those people that can’t leave their bed and has to be bathed by a helper.

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Styles Of Wedding Dresses

The Mermaid or Trumpet Wedding Dress

This is a fairly common type of dress in which the bottom of the gown flares out in the shape of a trumpet. It is designed to create the illusion of the top half of your body looking curvier and is more suited to hour glass and rectangular shaped women. However this dress is not suited to women with a shorter stature at this can make you seem to lose even more height.

The A-Line or Princess Wedding Dress

A dress that is not only stunning to look at but is also the most sought after. The main components to this dress are its use of a corset style bust with a large and wide skirt which are normally made with different materials (ie. A satin corset paired with a lace skirt). This flattering dress shape balances out top heavy shapes and helps hide some tummy bulge, which means it is suited to most body shapes.

The Empire Wedding Dress

With a typically high waistline seam just underneath the bust and its long flowing skirt, you can see why this dress is not only popular with smaller chested women but also women who are pregnant. As the seam is just under the bust it makes your bust look larger and hides any slight lumps or bumps from the tummy downwards. This style tends to suit more triangular and pear shaped women.

The Sheath/Column Wedding Dress

As you may be able to tell from the name of this dress it runs vertically all the way down from top to bottom with generally no flaring. You have to be happy with your figure to pull this dress off as its body hugging shape means it is more suited to rectangular and slimmer hourglass body shapes. It can also be a great dress for more vertically challenged ladies as it can accentuate your height. With an added pair of heels this dress would look stunning on any shorter lady.

The Ball Gown Wedding Dress

Also known as the fairy-tale dress, this is yet another popular choice among today’s brides to be. It is called the ball gown dress as they are rather extravagant, with the skirt coming right out from the waist and creating a rather “Disney” feel without being too over the top. Again, most body types will suit this dress however it would possibly be just a little too much for shorter ladies.

The Vintage Wedding Dress

These dressed tend to have sleeves rather than straps, ranging from shoulder length to long sleeve. This type of style dress is a rather niche market but does seems to be making a comeback. They tend to be a little more lace based rather than silk; so if you are after something more traditional, simple and cost effective then this may be the type of dress for you.

Alternative Wedding Dresses

If you are the less traditional type of gal and would like a style that is out there and different then you may want to have a look at some alternative dresses. These can come in all shapes and colours to suit your needs and are a great way to show off individuality on your special day. The sky is the limit with this kind of dress as it can be anything you want it to be, however this can be very costly so only choose this kind of dress if you are willing to empty your whole wallet for it.

The Short Wedding Dress

Nearer the summer time this style of dress can be a really good choice. Not only that but they are less hassle to wear and are more comfortable than other types of dress. A popular look for this dress is to have it strapless and with a slightly flowy skirt and looks rather charming. It is more suited to slimmer brides who are more of an hourglass or a pear shape who don’t mind showing off their legs.

The ‘Traveller’ Wedding Dress

I would only suggest getting a dress like this if you are yourself a traveller, either that or you have no card limit and like things to be big bright and bold. These dresses are certainly a sight to behold and are a step up from the previously mentioned Ball Gown. You normally have to pay to get these sort of dress handmade and to exact specifications rather than in any wedding shop as they usually have to spend days sticking all kinds of fake (and even real) jewels on them. Famously the model Jordan (otherwise known as Katie Price) got married in one of these style dresses to the singer Peter Andre.

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