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Unique Cufflink Designs

When it comes to getting married it’s all about the finer details that are designed to catch your guest’s eyes and attention. Cufflinks can be quite ordinary at times, but there are a few impressive and individual designs out there waiting for your consideration. Here we take a quick glimpse at some of the more unique examples…


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How To Survive A Stag Do

When going out on a stag to end all stags you may be rather worried that you won’t get back alive, or at least in one piece. Stags are one of the most unforgiving events in any mans life, so you must make sure you know what you’re getting into before venturing out into foreign territory. He we discuss some of the key tips to surviving a mental stag, and what may be required of you.

Do As You’re Told

This may sound a little bit backward to some of you, but you must remember that if you don’t do as you’re told, your punishment for not complying will be far greater than what they wanted you to do in the first place. You should always think that it can always be worse, because for the most part it can. They are less likely to be harsh if you’re being a good boy.

stag do

Don’t Get Mad

This has a similar notion to that of complying as if they know how to naff you off they will do everything in their power to do just that. They will want a big reaction from you, so try to blank them a bit. If something bugs you just bite your tongue, keep calm and swiftly carry on. If you don’t you are likely to hulk up at some point in the trip, and it won’t be pretty in the slightest.

Prepare For The Worst

Preparation always has been, and always will be, the key to getting out the other side. You need to make sure you have more than enough money on you, but kept away from the others so they don’t make you spend it all. You also need to make sure your travel insurance is up to scratch and that you are carrying a small medical kit and have the numbers of all the local emergency services.

stag do

Trust No One

Being a stag the chances of the lads getting you drunk off your rocker is almost certain, and you may be quite impressionable in your less than capable state. They will have planned most of the trip themselves in a way that is designed to annoy you on all levels, so just try and look out for number one. Try and make sure you have a head count at all times to make sure there’s no ‘funny business’.

Stags are meant to be fun, but you also need to make sure that your life isn’t being made a misery of. Always make sure you have everything you need and more, and be sure to stick to what you know. For more hints, tips and guidance on surviving a stag simply have a look around online or see what you can find through the grapevine.

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How To Cope With Pre Wedding Jitters

It is always a dramatic time when you or someone you know and love gets married either for the first time or all over again. It is a time where your patience and nerve get tested to their very limits which can take its toll on any bride and groom. Some suffer much more than others depending on their emotions and personalities, but generally speaking everyone needs at least a small break from planning. Here we have a look at some or the more common ways to keep those jitters away.


Hang Out With Your Loved Ones

Your friends and family are always going to be there to help you through life, and especially when you plan on sharing the rest of your life with someone. They know you better than anyone else and will know just what to say to help you keep cool, calm and collected. You could go and have some dinner or a drink with them to give you more sense of escape, or you could all sit at home and watch movies together. It is human nature for people to make other people feel better due to our ability to feel mercy, and close ones do it better than most, so you should aim to spend a bit more time with them.


Distract Yourself With Activities

Keeping your hands and mind busy will always help in combatting big emotions as you get too focused on the task at hand to worry about silly things. There is an almost endless list of things you could do, or try out, to keep you nerves in check. You could go down the relaxation route and go for a spa day, or even a weekend get away with your best buds. The other options are more physical including various sporting activities like archery, cycling, yoga and more. Another option, should you choose to accept it, is to get stuck into some crafts. Not only will it keep you busy, but it could help go towards some of the wedding.


Try To Bite The Bullet

Your last resort when you are panicking about the future is to stop and take a nice deep breath and say ‘this is how it is’. Yes it’s a big deal, and yes there is a lot of planning, but you can’t let it overwhelm you because that is when mistakes are made. You are much more useful to yourself and others when you are not freaking out! You are getting married. You are going to spend the rest of your life with this person. You will probably have family with them too. Get to grips when that then you will be golden.

You are not the first person to ever feel this way, and you certainly won’t be the last. If you need to you can always speak to women who have already been wed before, or if it is really getting to you it might be an idea to seek the help and guidance of a counsellor. For more information about stress relief and how to calm your pre wedding nerves have a look around online.

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Battle Of The Bulge: Are We Winning?

For years now we’ve been trying to get the world to eat better and go out and about. There are been hundreds of surveys, tests and experiments geared towards finding a suitable solution to the problem. The biggest problem, however, is us. It has been made much easier to be lazy in the world of today, making it a lot harder to fight certain urges. Here we discuss the main issues surrounding this mammoth challenge, and what we can do to make it right.

 bride on scales


Fast food is probably the biggest enemy of most people trying to fight fat. There is a whole host of companies dotted down every high street, each trying to grab your attention, and your cash. The biggest offenders, surprisingly, are people with high metabolisms. Because they don’t gain much weight they feel like they can treat themselves more. What they don’t know is that they are sending themselves to an early grave. Similarly, cars are also to blame here. More and more people are learning to drive and use their car as an excuse not to walk. There are some people out there who would rather drive for one minute than walk for five. Suggestions? You shouldn’t really have any, but if you are going to have any fast food you should limit yourself to one every two weeks. Also, if you don’t NEED your car to get somewhere, and you have the time to do so, just walk it.


When you go to the shop and find whole meals for mere pence you may think you’ve found a bargain. Do remember though that there is a reason for its low price tag. Not all of these products will kill you in the long run, but you do need to check the labels to make sure you’re not taking on too much calories, sugar or fat. Many people can’t afford to buy fresh ingredients and simply opt for something ‘easy’. Fresh foods do cost a little bit more, but they are so much better for your body as they are packed full of all the right vitamins and minerals. One solution to this pickle of a problem is to compare products, and not just for their price. You should be prepared to pay a little extra if it’s going to be better for you, and where possible you should check your calorie count. Also, you don’t need a gym membership to keep fit. Simply do some basic exercises at home every other day or take up a sport like jogging or cycling.

 big bride

Your Inner Will

Many people used to want to keep fit and healthy, but lately it is seen as more of a chore than a choice. To add to that, if you are ‘comfortable in your skin’ you may not think to care about your weight. No one has a gun to your head, and no one can do it for you, it’s all up to your will power. Not only does being in the green benefit you, but it can benefit those around you. They may even be able to join you in your quest for a better body. Plus, you will be less likely to develop certain ailments. Being big doesn’t help anyone, especially you. You don’t want to be one of those people that can’t leave their bed and has to be bathed by a helper.

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African Tribal Weddings

Most people marrying in Africa will include their heritage within it, including lots of different and strange traditions, and wearing beautiful wedding dresses that are bright and colourful. Generally the marriage is not between the bride and groom but is a bonding of two families, and marriage in Africa is taken very seriously indeed. Here are some traditions that you may or may not have heard of and why they are done during African wedding ceremonies.

Tying The Knot – In some African tribes it is tradition for the bride and groom to have their hands tied together with cloth and some braided glass, which is to represent their unity. It is more common now for couples to have a close friend or family member to do the tying of the knot as the vows are being spoken.


Jumping The Broom – This is one of the better known traditions which originates, supposedly, from the slave trade where slaves were forbidden to get married, so instead made a public declaration of love by jumping over a broom to the beat of drums. It is a symbol of them making a home for themselves, and has been a tradition for hundreds of years. These days the brooms are hand crafted and have patterns of pictures neatly carved into them, and the event happens at the very end of the ceremony. People like to take the broom home and hang it or have it framed to show others.

Liberation Ceremony – A ceremony that is the same as normal but is geared towards ancestry and relatives that have been and passed on. Couples will pour alcohol or holy water onto the ground as prayers which are supposedly to reach the spirits of their loves ones. It is to honour past family members as much as it is a union on the couples loves for one another.


Koala Nuts – Steady on, it’s not what you think it is. These nuts are essential to any African wedding. They are a symbol of healing and the ceremony, in Nigeria at least, is not finished until a nut is shared between the couple and their parents. Just like with the broom couples they like to keep the nut as a sort of showcase to other people, and as a reminder of their vows and their love for each another.

Bright Wedding Attire – Not followed by all but by most, African women wear brightly coloured and patterned clothing to represent what area they come from, and most have Adinkra symbols stitched into them as a show of tradition and ancestry. The symbols represent different ideas among the people, and all have their own meanings. For example, the love heart symbol represents patience and tolerance within the relationship.


Cowrie Shells – Much like a symbol, these indigenous shells represent fertility and prosperity and are round in shape with a teeth-like opening. They can be used in any part of the ceremony such as decoration on a dress, used as serving bowls for food or just sat on tables as centre pieces.

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Styles Of Wedding Dresses

The Mermaid or Trumpet Wedding Dress

This is a fairly common type of dress in which the bottom of the gown flares out in the shape of a trumpet. It is designed to create the illusion of the top half of your body looking curvier and is more suited to hour glass and rectangular shaped women. However this dress is not suited to women with a shorter stature at this can make you seem to lose even more height.

The A-Line or Princess Wedding Dress

A dress that is not only stunning to look at but is also the most sought after. The main components to this dress are its use of a corset style bust with a large and wide skirt which are normally made with different materials (ie. A satin corset paired with a lace skirt). This flattering dress shape balances out top heavy shapes and helps hide some tummy bulge, which means it is suited to most body shapes.

The Empire Wedding Dress

With a typically high waistline seam just underneath the bust and its long flowing skirt, you can see why this dress is not only popular with smaller chested women but also women who are pregnant. As the seam is just under the bust it makes your bust look larger and hides any slight lumps or bumps from the tummy downwards. This style tends to suit more triangular and pear shaped women.

The Sheath/Column Wedding Dress

As you may be able to tell from the name of this dress it runs vertically all the way down from top to bottom with generally no flaring. You have to be happy with your figure to pull this dress off as its body hugging shape means it is more suited to rectangular and slimmer hourglass body shapes. It can also be a great dress for more vertically challenged ladies as it can accentuate your height. With an added pair of heels this dress would look stunning on any shorter lady.

The Ball Gown Wedding Dress

Also known as the fairy-tale dress, this is yet another popular choice among today’s brides to be. It is called the ball gown dress as they are rather extravagant, with the skirt coming right out from the waist and creating a rather “Disney” feel without being too over the top. Again, most body types will suit this dress however it would possibly be just a little too much for shorter ladies.

The Vintage Wedding Dress

These dressed tend to have sleeves rather than straps, ranging from shoulder length to long sleeve. This type of style dress is a rather niche market but does seems to be making a comeback. They tend to be a little more lace based rather than silk; so if you are after something more traditional, simple and cost effective then this may be the type of dress for you.

Alternative Wedding Dresses

If you are the less traditional type of gal and would like a style that is out there and different then you may want to have a look at some alternative dresses. These can come in all shapes and colours to suit your needs and are a great way to show off individuality on your special day. The sky is the limit with this kind of dress as it can be anything you want it to be, however this can be very costly so only choose this kind of dress if you are willing to empty your whole wallet for it.

The Short Wedding Dress

Nearer the summer time this style of dress can be a really good choice. Not only that but they are less hassle to wear and are more comfortable than other types of dress. A popular look for this dress is to have it strapless and with a slightly flowy skirt and looks rather charming. It is more suited to slimmer brides who are more of an hourglass or a pear shape who don’t mind showing off their legs.

The ‘Traveller’ Wedding Dress

I would only suggest getting a dress like this if you are yourself a traveller, either that or you have no card limit and like things to be big bright and bold. These dresses are certainly a sight to behold and are a step up from the previously mentioned Ball Gown. You normally have to pay to get these sort of dress handmade and to exact specifications rather than in any wedding shop as they usually have to spend days sticking all kinds of fake (and even real) jewels on them. Famously the model Jordan (otherwise known as Katie Price) got married in one of these style dresses to the singer Peter Andre.

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Most Expensive Celebrity Weddings

Kate Middleton and Prince William

Obviously with them being royalty you would expect a wedding like this to be fairly expensive, well try over £22 million. That’s right! The tax payers money went towards police protection throughout the entire event which was in its millions. The most expensive part of the wedding? The dress? No. The venue? No. Flowers. You heard me correctly, over £500,000 on flowers alone! Most people could argue that these 2 fine royals don’t count as celebrities, but seems as they are known worldwide and are in every magazine you see I think we can definitely count them in.

Liza Minnelli and David Gest

Possibly one of the most famous weddings in celebrity history. Costing a whopping $4.2 million this wedding was one of the most expensive non royal weddings in history. Over 1000 star studded people were invited to the event (including the likes of Michael Jackson, Anthony Hopkins and Diana Ross), but it was all in vain as the couple separated only a year later. It was even rumored that Gest managed to get around $60 million out of their divorce, $55.8 more than the wedding itself!

Paul McCartney and Heather Mills

Remember these two? I think we can all remember how tedious their marriage was. Also costing $4.2 million their wedding was the most expensive British celebrity wedding. They rented out a castle to be their wedding venue of choice and they even treated their guests to a luxurious yacht ride after the initial ceremony. All manner of A listers attended the former Beatles singer’s special day, but their marriage came to an abrupt and rather venomous end in 2008, starting a lengthy court case over money. Who said romance was dead?

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3 Best Wedding Movies


This film is not your average romantic comedy with lots of soppiness (well it is, but only a little), but it is mostly made up of some seriously side splitting comedy. The best character by far being Megan who is a slightly larger lady with a sizeable libido, spending the entire film stealing and and flirting with slim younger men. If you haven’t seen it yet then I urge you to go do so as this is one of the funniest wedding films you will ever see. It may even remind you of a wedding you’ve been to yourself!

I Give It A Year

Yet another romantic comedy with a twist, you start with a marriage and end in divorce (don’t worry there is still a happy ending!). It’s set in good old Blighty, London to be exact, and a couple get married after only knowing each other for a few months. It is clear they are both very different people and throughout the film they slowly fall in love with other people. Sounds depressing but the comedy is so good it makes light of it all and the film ends on a high note when they both get the people they wanted. It is a fantastic film with an all star cast, what more could you want?

The Wedding Planner

In comparison to the other two films, this one is a little mushier. Jennifer Lopez (Mary) is a busy wedding planner who finds herself caught in the road, but wanting to save her expensive shoes she almost gets run over. Thankfully she is saved by the gorgeous Matthew McConaughey (Steve) who is a children’s doctor. They spend a wonderful evening together, but the next day when she turns up to plan a new wedding she is shocked to find that the person getting married is Steve! They spend the rest of the film winding each other up but eventually (as all love films do) they get together. Aww.

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